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New York Insider Tips – April 2016

Before Closing:

1) Interview and choose an licensed architect.
2) Have plans prepared by the architect, with consult from engineer if necessary. Note that a board won’t decide on content until you’ve closed.
3) Obtain alteration agreement from board, outlining what is and isn’t allowed, and fees and insurance needed.
4) Have architect run the project by 3-5 contractors and start soliciting bids based on scope of work.
5) Choose a general contractor.
6) Spec out project timeline and DOB permits for each phase.
7) Settle on contracts with architect and contractor, outlining costing, sub-relationships, phases, timelines, steps for change orders.

After Closing and Before Work Starts:

1) Submit alteration agreement, specs, checks, proof of insurance, and all paperwork to co-op board.
2) Get alteration agreement sign-off by co-op and their architect/engineer and obtain co-op approval for project timing.
3) Obtain Department of Buildings review of plans and issuance of all necessary alteration permits.
4) Start picking out materials and finishes for use.
5) Make final tweaks and edits based on DOB and board feedback.

Work Start to Completion:

1) Plan site prep, demolition and carting by contractors.
2) Commence all renovation and secure approvals along the way from managing agent, architects and DOB.
3) Sign-off on safety of all electrical and plumbing components with contractors and subs.
4) Approve change orders and implement them as anything unexpected arises throughout.
5) Get final sign-offs by all parties, including board, DOB/certificate of occupancy and bank inspection if necessary.