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New York Insider Tips – April 2017

Gut renovating a bathroom? Install heated floors during the sub-floor phase. It’s relatively inexpensive (a couple thousand at most), effective during winter months, and buyers are willing to pay “up” for it.

Planning an entertaining space or garden on your penthouse terrace? Locate the company that guaranteed your roof, and find out whether it can be included in their warranty. Otherwise, adding plantings or permanent fixtures may void the warranty as roof membranes take on added moisture.

Putting central air in a pre-war co-op is often compromises its original detail, with duct-work requiring dropped ceilings. One solution is installing slot-registers, which are shallower, continuous, and thin, as opposed to standard, grill registers. Another is to install a European-style split system, provided the necessary BTU capacity is provided in each room.

Preparing your home for sale? Staging can measurably increase your sale price. Be sure to consult a professional, and treat it like merchandising a shop window. Remember, it is not interior decorating, but rather is a process of improving visual appeal to draw the largest buyer pool possible.

Installing an elevator in a Manhattan or Brooklyn townhouse only makes sense if the townhouse is wider than 18′. Otherwise, adding the shaft will compromise the layout to the point where it isn’t worth the investment.