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New York Insider Tips – May 2017

Read offering plans & house rules before purchasing a co-op/condo. Details regarding sublet rules, pet weight limits, rug-to-floor coverage %, commercial space usage restrictions, tax abatement expiration, alteration rules/fees, and much more are crucial to discover early.

Rules-of-thumb lead to sensible kitchen design. Dedicate 220V circuits for pro-level ranges/fridges. Set 15″ of counter space aside a fridge handle, 30″ aside a sink, and 36″ or less between a sink and dishwasher. The sum of distances between sink, fridge and range should also total 26′ or less.

In 1997, the NYC Department of Buildings amended building code to no longer require a new building-wide Certificate of Occupancy for the combination of two neighboring apartments. Now, an architect simply has to submit and sign-off on the job file.

Considering buying a townhouse? It will likely be 100+ years old. Sometimes, structural shell & framing elements are inadequate and require repair. Obtain an inspection prior to signing a contract, and note that certain neighborhoods, like the West Village, are older, and suffer more structurally.

Staging is not interior decorating.  The recommendations of a stager may not work with your tastes, color palates, and aesthetic preferences.  That said, stagers are responsible for one thing – using furniture, décor, wall coverings and tactfully-placed personal effects to appeal to the greatest percentage of buyers given the specificities of your particular market segment.  It is all about presentation.