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Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale

The key to preparing a property for sale is to “Neutralize” the environment.

Purchasers are best able to envision a new life in a new space when a property is clean, pleasantly furnished, artfully accessorized and simplified of clutter. Ideally, leaving a visitor wondering “Does anyone live there?” is a positive outcome, and it’s a leg-up for selling your home at top-dollar.

Here are ideas that have proven successful:

  • Have a professional scrub & wash everything from top-to-bottom before first open house.
  • Remove personal photos and memorabilia and replace with pleasant, neutral art.
  • Simplify what is “out” in bathrooms and kitchens: remove excess household products, table-top appliances, toiletries, etc.
  • Repair holes, cracks and water damage in wet areas in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Add a double paint coat of flat paint on walls and eggshell white on ceilings.
  • Phase-out dated wallpaper in all rooms.
  • Re-grout, and restore bath and kitchen fixtures.
  • Add a new shower curtain that color-matches one’s bathroom ensemble.
  • Increase existing lighting and add bulb wattage.
  • Odorless is key. Remove garbage and litter boxes.
  • Thin out clothes in closets.
  • Expand the size of rooms with visual ploys like mirrors at hallway ends and room corners.

To go the extra mile, a seller is wise to consider professional staging services.

Staging is the process of improving upon the visual appeal of a property to increase its market price, by and through attracting the largest pool of potential buyers.

Staging is not interior decorating. The recommendations of a stager may not jive with your tastes, color palates, and aesthetic preferences. That said, stagers are responsible for one thing – using furniture, décor, wall coverings and tactfully-placed personal effects to appeal to the greatest percentage of buyers given the specificities of your particular market segment. It is all about presentation.

How does a Stager decide what to use? By anticipating the taste of the most likely buyers to walk-through that door during an appointment or an open house, and catering what they will see accordingly.