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To us, a “transaction” is much more than a purchase or a sale. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life. An opportunity to put down new roots. We’re thrilled to be part of an ever-growing list of stories.

Staging and selling on the Upper West Side
Preparing, marketing and selling a pre-war two bedroom for our clients Jamal and Lauren.
WEST 90S | $1,275,000 | 2018
Trading up on the Upper East Side
David and Courtney upgrade their growing family to a three bedroom in Lenox Hill.
EAST 70S | $2,290,000 | 2017
First-time purchasers on the Upper West Side
Michael and Jenna, newly married professionals, look to purchase and renovate their first property.
WEST 60S | $790,000 | 2017
Upgrading on the Upper West
Paul and Annie trade up to a larger Upper West Side home for their family of four.
WEST 80S | $3,300,000 | 2016
Two bedroom cooperative search leads to West 85th Street
Drew and Lisa, newly engaged with careers in technology, look to make their first purchase.
West 80s | $1,300,000 | 2016
West Side two bed search leads to Chelsea
Jun, a designer and artist, who was looking for a first home in Manhattan in which to raise her daughter Julia.
West 20s | $1,155,000 | 2016
Buying and renovating in the West Village
Elizabeth, a long-time West Villager, searches for a neighborhood property to make her own.
HORATIO STREET | $950,000 | 2016
Combing Manhattan and Brooklyn for pre-war charm
Levi and Rachel search six popular neighborhoods to purchase a first home near transit and parks.
WEST 90S | $980,000 | 2015

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