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EAST 70S | $2,290,000 | 2017

Trading up on the Upper East Side

David and Courtney upgrade their growing family to a three bedroom in Lenox Hill.

Our clients' former custom-built Dining Banquette on East 69th Street. We listed and sold their first home to a wonderful young couple culled from six bidders. It closed for $899,000.
It went beyond more square footage and an impeccable location. We sought a wonderful home: a warm building, a warm, personable staff, and a place to put down permanent roots.

The Needs

David and Courtney, long-time Upper East Siders, had grown into, and slowly out of, their converted Junior Four apartment on East 69th Street. Their son, Harrison, was fast becoming a toddler, and they were expecting their second, their daughter Olivia, in a few months. They aspired to find a three bedroom co-op in their neighborhood that would accommodate the expanding needs of an active family of four.

The Plan

We set our boundaries at the low-60s to the mid-80s on the Upper East Side. We prioritized properties David and Courtney could renovate. Our clients had gained confidence from creating a wonderful custom-designed apartment on East 69th, and wanted to do so again. Warmth of staff and a vibe of intimacy were also of utmost importance.

After a few near misses, including passing on an overbid sponsor sale on East 86th, we introduced an estate condition three bedroom apartment at a prime co-op on East 76th. The home’s long-time owner was a renowned cookbook author who had perfected her recipes in its windowed kitchen. It was perfect. We pursued the home aggressively, leapfrogging an existing cash offer through decisive terms and a direct personal appeal to the seller. Our offer was accepted, financing and board approval followed, and the timing of our closing allowed our clients to proceed with a renovation in an expedient manner.

While their new property was expertly renovated, David and Courtney listed their Junior Four co-op on East 69th with us, with a target closing to coincide with the culmination of the East 76th renovation and their move-in. The property was released with a viral marketing campaign, and produced a productive open house period with over 70 visitors. After receiving six offers, our clients selected an over-asking price transaction with a wonderful young couple who progressed smoothly through the board process.

In August, David, Courtney, Harrison, and Olivia moved into their newly finished home on East 76th Street, and handed their keys to the proud new owners of their first home on 69th Street.

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